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We are the world’s first initiative that decarbonises your company’s supply chain by actually replacing fossil fuels with truly sustainable alternatives.

Together, a better world.

Our sustainable bunkerings

We substitute fossil fuels with truly sustainable alternatives

We do not offset, we actually reduce transport carbon emissions

We are independent and not restricted to a specific fleet

We deliver without any struggles; easy and adaptable.

GoodShipping is striving to change a norm in an old, conservative industry. That is exactly what we do as well and we feel it’s an admirable and important mission. The biggest chunk of the goods and products we transport is being shipped in sea containers, so we see it as our responsibility to do this as sustainable as possible.
Femke Lotgerink

Bean Editor, Tony's Chocolonely

Why you should join

Emissions from transport are projected to grow with 50% to 250% by 2050. Energy efficiency alone will not enable a carbon-neutral growth in the industry.

Options to reduce your footprint from your supply chain are limited. GoodShipping offers the solution.

Our partner UECC
Our client BWM Group
GoodShipping takes a different and innovative approach by actually changing the fuel mix, shifting away from fossil fuels and tackling the problem at its roots. We speed up decarbonisation by handing you full control over your carbon footprint, and it works surprisingly simple. You can participate, regardless of freight volume, location, trade routes and existing cargo contracts.

Be a leader, help change the (fossil) norm and join our growing coalition of the willing

How do you start?



1. Measure & Scope

If you have not done so already, we are happy to help you calculate your emissions from transportation. Then, based on your sustainable ambitions and available budget, we can determine the desired emission reduction together.


2. Fuel Switch

We then facilitate the fuel switch; the volume of sustainable biofuel that reduces your emissions will be fueled into a preselected vessel or truck that would have normally run on fossil fuel. We operate on a mass balance basis.


3. Certification

The exact CO2 impact of the fuel switch for your business is secured in a personal GoodShipping certificate, which is based on industry standards and verified by independent auditors.