The GoodShipping Program is the first sustainable shipping initiative in the world that offers companies – worldwide and of all sizes – the opportunity to make container shipments less polluting. How?


By offering a way to change the fuel mix.


We believe that the use of the polluting heavy fuel oils in container ships should no longer be the default. We provide a way for companies of all sizes and industries to contribute to the adoption of carbon-neutral biofuels. Via our program, you will be able to inject sustainable biofuels in the marine market space relative to the size of your particular shipping freight.


By joining forces, we are improving the maritime industry from the perspective of its enforcers: all businesses that ship their goods overseas. To change the sustainable landscape in the shipping industry would be impossible for any single corporation on its own. Sole businesses do not have the flexibility, knowledge or network in their logistic arrangements to make this happen.

That 90% of all world trade is carried by the international shipping industry.

That the 15 largest ships pollute as much sulphur oxide as all the cars in the world.

That the CO2-footprint of the shipping industry is as big as the footprint of the country Germany.

And if the shipping industry is left unregulated, its emissions will make out 17% of the total emissions of the world by 2050.

GoodShipping is striving to change a norm in an old, conservative industry. That is exactly what we do as well and we feel it's an admirable and important mission. The biggest chunk of the goods and products we transport is being shipped in sea containers, so we see it as our responsibility to do this as sustainable as possible.

– Femke Lotgerink, Bean Editor, Tony's Chocolonely

Why act

Our international waters are our climate battle’s last frontier. The IMO has so far not been able to put regulations in place that push the maritime industry to improve its efficiency and sustainability. It is running behind on all other industries. Meanwhile, the container shipping industry has grown into the biggest means of transport, and the most polluting in the world.

The four pillars of the GoodShipping Program

The GoodShipping Program aims to add value and influence in the following four areas.



Phasing out fossil marine fuels by injecting renewable fuels into the marine market space, to lower global CO2-emissions one ship at a time.



Creating a movement with our customers and with the exposure gained in using sustainable advanced biofuel in the shipping industry.



Pushing decision-makers to provide incentives for the marine industry to change the polluting status quo.



Accelerate the research and development of new and existing sustainable advanced biofuels.

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