Meelunie joins forces with GoodShipping to decarbonise its ocean freight

Written by GoodShipping

Sep 24, 2019

24 September 2019

Meelunie joins forces with GoodShipping to decarbonise its ocean freight

Meelunie, a leading global supplier of plant-based ingredients, and the GoodShipping Program have joined forces to decarbonise Meelunie’s Asian ocean freight, the companies have announced today. Meelunie, which exports to over 100 countries around the world, becomes the latest company to join the GoodShipping Program in an effort to decarbonise their supply chain.

The decision reflects a concerted effort by Meelunie to have a sustainable and carbon-neutral supply chain in the near future, and comes at critical time for shipping, as cargo owners seek to take more responsibility in terms of mitigating their climate impact. Together with the GoodShipping Program, this ambition will first start to be realised for Meelunie’s annual ocean freight to Hong Kong, with its carbon emissions offset by sustainable marine biofuels delivered by GoodFuels Marine.

Biofuel from cooking oil

The GoodShipping Program works with second-generation sustainable biofuels that are completely derived from forest residues and waste cooking oil products. Using these biofuels, an 83% well-to-wake COreduction is achieved and other toxic emissions such as Sulphur Oxide (SO) are virtually eliminated. This is all achieved without the need for any engine modifications. Meelunie has chosen to add an extra biofuel volume so that a 100% carbon emission reduction is achieved for their Rotterdam–Hong Kong trade lane.

Meelunie’s addition to the GoodShipping Program follows the decision of other cargo owners to mitigate their carbon footprint from ocean transshipment by making the transition from fossil fuel to sustainable biofuel, including IKEA, Tony’s Chocolonely, Dopper and Blygold International.

Discussing the announcement, Marco Heering, CEO, Meelunie 

“At Meelunie, we care deeply about our environmental impact and that’s why joining the GoodShipping Program now makes sense. The ability for us to offset the emissions of our sea freight in Asia is an important step in our wider ambition to have a carbon-neutral supply chain. Working with the GoodShipping Program is the first step towards achieving our zero carbon ambition as a company. The Program means we will offset 340mt of CO2 generated by our shipments to Hong Kong annually. We have selected this trade lane because it was Hong Kong, back in 1947, where we first introduced our Windmill Brand Potato Starch to Chinese cuisine!”

Dirk Kronemeijer, CEO at the GoodShipping Program

“Today’s announcement marks another important step in the decarbonisation of ocean freight. We are very pleased to be working with Meelunie on their Asian ocean lanes and believe this sets another example for others to follow, as we work to make our whole sector more sustainable and environmentally friendly.”

The companies also affirmed their commitment to a long-term relationship, with more decarbonisation projects to be announced in the near future, all with the goal of creating a carbon-neutral supply chain.

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