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Feb 16, 2021

16 February 2021

Commercial Manager GoodShipping

At GoodShipping, we accelerate the transition to fossil-free transport by empowering cargo owners to switch fuel and together change industry. We do this by offering a carbon reduction service.

We believe that for a better world without climate change, energy consumption must ultimately become fossil-free. Shipping is responsible for 1 billion ton annual Green House Gas (GHG) emissions, comparable to aviation. If nothing changes, by 2050, CO2 emissions of the whole transport sector, be it on our oceans, roads, or in the air, will be 60% higher than today. The energy transition for a cleaner, greener supply chain is too slow. Active intervention is required, by giving cargo owners the autonomy to use truly sustainable alternatives for fossil-fuel, and united, altering the course of transport as we know it in the immediate term.

GoodShipping is currently looking for a Commercial Manager with a passion for sales and account management, who feels strongly about our mission to accelerate the energy transition towards fossil-free transportation. Their responsibility is to represent GoodShipping towards our customers, empower them to change fuel and together change the industry.

This candidate is impact driven, but also has a strong commercial business sense and an entrepreneurial mindset. The role requires a 360-approach, where you will be doing acquisition and organizing meetings with clients and prospects, but you will also be responsible for realizing growth ambitions and setting the right priorities in your pipeline.

Are you passionate about sustainable solutions and determined to make the world a better place? Then this role is for you.

Key responsibilities

  • The main focus and responsibility for this role is to increase the number of customers to switch over from fossil fuels to a renewable alternative. Typical customers vary from Tony’s Chocolonely to IKEA, and sales cycles include cold calling, creating price quotations, conference calls or meetings with C-levels, assist and explain towards corporate supply chain or sustainability teams, providing relevant information to the DMU and after sales.
  • Inform and advise our customers about the opportunities to decarbonize their freight and reduce their carbon footprint in the most effective way.
  • As we build long-term relationships with our existing customers, it is important to maintain good relationships with them and continuously challenge them to increase their CO2-emission reduction in various ways.
  • Understand the sustainability requirements of existing and future customers to ensure their needs are being met.
  • Share GoodShipping’s sustainable story at events, towards media and through other public communication channels.
  • Collaborate with our marketing and communications colleagues to make sure the message of GoodShipping is up to date and communicated in the right way through our website, social media, email newsletters, etc.

Job requirements

  • At least three-five years of experience in a commercial role, preferably within the transport, logistics, (renewable) energy or sustainability industry.
  • Advanced communicative skills. You’re not afraid to be on stage, address senior management teams or pick up the phone to cold call a prospect or a customer.
  • The ability to sell more than just a carbon reduction service. With your charisma and personal impact drive, you are able to truly convince people of your story.
  • The ability to sell not only a product but also the wider story behind it. This ranges from involving the customer in the sustainability advantages to overcoming technical hurdles and creating a business case that works.
  • You are not afraid of prospecting and opening up the market through outbound and inbound channels.
  • Experience with working with a CRM-system, and with analyzing and reporting on CRM data.
  • You have a collaborative and pro-active approach; you take initiative, and you can work independent. You love the just-do-it mentality and the responsibilities that come with that.
  • You have great communicative skills and are a true relationship builder.
  • Excellent written, verbal and multimedia communications skills (Dutch and English).
  • You speak fluently Dutch and English and bonus points if you speak another language.
  • You have a positive mindset, believe in a better world and want to create it rather today than tomorrow.

Do you meet the majority of the requirements above, and do you see yourself as a potential culture fit for our team? Then we would love to hear from you! Please send your CV and cover letter to, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

About GoodShipping

GoodShipping is part of the GoodNRG Group, a fast-growing scale-up located in Amsterdam. We are frontrunner in the field of truly sustainable alternatives for fossil fuels. With GoodShipping, we include cargo owners in the energy transition in the transport sector, empowering them to switch fuel and together change industry.

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