About us

We are the world’s first initiative that brings you zero carbon transport by actually changing the global fuel mix. Find out more information about GoodShipping below.

We allow companies to commit to a reduction in their CO2 emissions emitted in their supply chain by their freight transport. Our initiative works on the premise that, as all CO2 from transportation is emitted into the same atmosphere, the means of mitigating these emissions is equally impactful. This is regardless of which transport adopt biofuels over traditional fossil fuels — or the amount of “drop in” biofuel that is added to the fuel tank (concept of mass-balance), as long as it corresponds with the CO2 emissions caused by transporting your cargo.

Typically, GoodShipping’s clients are companies with strong public brands whose customers are demanding a more sustainable supply chain. We offer companies a way to make an immediate impact and improve the sustainability of their supply chain — and support the acceleration of the energy transition within it.

We already see success and interest, and we hope to be a reflection of the increasing visibility that we all find ourselves operating under. All of this shows that the momentum for decarbonisation in transport is reaching a critical mass, with many owners and operators deeply invested in improving much needed sustainability goals.

We are a team

Our GoodShipping team consist out of a unique mix of people and personalities. However, we are all united by one common goal. We all want to create structural industy change and accelerate the energy transition.

We offer innovation

The GoodNRG innovation team consists of impact-driven people with a variety of technical backgrounds. The innovation team is continuously working in the development of sustainable, affordable and scalable fuels. In 2018, this led to the commercialisation of the worlds’ first Bio-Fuel Oil produced by GoodFuels. However, we do not limit ourselves only to liquid biofuels. We are also open to other types of sustainable fuels like E-fuels.

In the shipping industry, the use of novel sustainable fuels is not a common practice. Our innovation specialises in supporting willing shipping companies to innovate with their fuels. We do this by bringing all relevant stakeholder, such as flag states, engine manufactures, class societies, and insurance companies together. With this support, we achieved quite a track record of successful (marine) biofuel trials.

Easy to join

We make it easy for you to join, and always weigh your goals and budget. Our service does not affect your current operations, geography or logistical partners.

Change the norm

We welcome you to be part of a global community of like-minded companies: Companies that demonstrate leadership in the field of sustainability. This way, we can influence local and international decision-makers to develop necessary transport incentive schemes.

Together, a better world.

January 2017

The start

  • GoodShipping is founded to provide cargo owners with a unique, impactful service to ship their freight in a carbon-neutral way.
October 2017

The launch

  • GoodShipping launches its first customer Tony’s Chocolonely, and GoodShipping wins the Accenture Innovation Award 2017 in the category Clean and Affordable Energy.
November 2017

Another award

  • And another award comes our way! GoodShipping wins the TEDx Amsterdam Awards 2017. 
December 2017

Key partner

  • DHL Global Forwarding becomes a key partner of GoodShipping.
February 2018

Independent social enterprise

  • GoodShipping BV. becomes an independent entity. set up as a social enterprise and functioning at arm’s length of GoodFuels.
September 2018

The first batch

  • The first batch of advanced biofuels is bunkered on behalf of our first pioneers.
March 2019

Global company IKEA

  • In March and in September, we bunker for the world’s leading furniture company IKEA.
February 2020

BMW group

  • We sign our first Ro-Ro customer: BMW Group.

Our Board of Recommendation is a group of selected experts in the field of sustainability, shipping, and/or biofuels. We believe to have the power and proven ability to influence the shipping industry. This board continuously checks and evaluates our work, our products and our service.

Bjørn Kjærand Haugland

CEO at NORWAY203040 and former EVP & Chief Sustainability Officer at DNV GL

Gerard J. Ostheimer, Ph.D.

Global Lead for the Sustainable Bioenergy Accelerator of Sustainable Energy For All (SEforALL) and Senior Advisor for Below 50

Be a sustainable frontrunner

Joining GoodShipping proves that you take climate change seriously. By doing what is necessary for our climate, your company will set a new norm for others: start shipping right, start shipping sustainably.

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