We are very proud of our clients. Please read some of our client cases to get inspired what you can achieve with GoodShipping. 

IKEA: Swedish furniture mogul on board

In 2019, IKEA and GoodShipping joined forces and made real industry impact together. By partnering up with shipping company CMA CGM and the Port of Rotterdam, we managed to organise and execute the world’s first delivery of sustainable biofuel oil to a container ship. The first delivery took place in March 2019, when the CMA CGM White Shark was bunkered with GoodFuels Bio-Fuel Oil in the Port of Rotterdam. In September 2019, the second batch of ‘BFO’ was delivered to CMA CGM’s Alexander von Humboldt (one of the largest container ships in the world). The total carbon emissions that were reduced through these biofuel deliveries were allocated to IKEA’s scope 3 footprint coming from transport.

Through this project, we demonstrated the scalability, sustainability and technical compliance of sustainable marine bio-fuel oil. And perhaps more importantly, we proved the commercial viability of these alternatives, and showcased realistic options to curb greenhouse gas emissions from shipping. This case illustrates a major step towards the decarbonisation of ocean freight. We are extremely proud to have the Swedish furniture mogul as a GoodShipping participator and hope to inspire more.

Through our pilot we wanted to show that the means for decarbonisation in terms of alternative fuels are available. We have a responsibility to do our part to reduce the impact of our ocean freight. Through our participation we send a signal to our customers and the ocean industry on our commitment to decarbonise. Only through collaboration can we achieve rapid, necessary change. With a successful pilot completed, our intention is to put the equivalent of at least all our containers out of Rotterdam on biofuel.

Elisabeth Munck af Rosenschöld

Head of Sustainability, IKEA Global Transport & Logistics Services

BMW Group: Our first RoRo bunkering

When BMW Group approached us to discuss a potential collaboration around reducing transport emissions, it was clear they didn’t just simply want to reduce their carbon footprint. Their sustainability team was looking for a long-term, more structural solution for the transport sector. That’s why we included BMW Group in an existing collaboration with UECC (one of BMW’s transport partners), to continue to test marine Bio Fuel Oil (BFO) on UECC’s ‘roll on, roll off’ (ro-ro) car carrying vessels. BMW Group joined UECC and GoodShipping in the previously announced trial, where BFO was being tested on UECC’s 140m, 2,080-vehicle carrier M/V Autosky. By covering the fuel premium for a biofuel volume corresponding to BMW Group’s freight that will be shipped on the Autosky during the trial period, BMW Group was able to claim a CO2 emission reduction of 80 to 90% for these shipments, totalling more than 400 tonnes of carbon.

Tony Chocolonely’s: Leading impactmakers

In 2017 Tony’s Chocolonely, chocolate maker on a mission, became GoodShipping’s launching customer and first ‘impact partner in crime’. Tony’s expanded into the US market, which meant they had started shipping their slave-free (and delicious!) chocolate bars to New York. By joining GoodShipping and connecting their exported chocolate bars to our program, Tony’s made sure their freight shipments to the US turned carbon friendly. And not only that, they enabled us to proof our concept and make actual real impact.

Since our joint launch, Tony’s and GoodShipping have scaled up together and increased the impact we’re making. By now, Tony’s has connected 100% of their ocean freight volumes to our program, meaning they can now claim all their ocean shipments (import and export) are decarbonised through sustainable marine biofuels.

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