We have a strong relationship with our partners. Read about our current partnerships and find out how to become one.

Synergy of our partners

Our partners and us have one main common denominator; we believe in a better world. We strive towards this goal in different ways, maybe even different industries but believe that solutions to the climate crises and reducing emissions in our globalised world are best found by working together and finding ways to support each other.

Our partners

DHL Global Forwarding

DHL Global Forwarding provides global freight forwarding services for ocean and air freight, and is our partner from the start. They are the first freight forwarder to offer the GoodShipping’s decarbonisation service to their clients, and have since introduced this emission reduction option for their online booking tool as well. Together with DHL Global Forwarding we aim to make decarbonization more accessible and easy to use for cargo owners. Also, we try to create awareness that reducing your transport emissions is not just a nice to have.



Flexport is a U.S. based freight forwarder with a strong digital edge as well as drive for sustainability. We started our partnership in 2020 and launched it by GoodShipping being introduced as decarbonisation option in Flexport’s dashboard. We are proud to make a joint impact in decarbonising freight, and create more decarbonization awareness and stress that solutions are available today. Furthermore, we look into how technological developments can create more transparency, and make impact from switching fuels better measurable. 


Established in 2021, ZeroLab is the youngest explorer inside Torvald Klaveness, a Norwegian shipping company, and is dedicated to the decarbonisation of seaborne supply chains.

ZeroLab is currently developing several initiatives to make low-and zero emission options available to their customers. This is why we have partnered up with ZeroLab to offer insetting decarbonization via GoodShipping to Torvald Klaveness’ clients. Together we will lead the way in creating a market for low-carbon deep sea shipping and help clients identify and reduce carbon risk in their seaborne supply chains.


UECC (car-carrier) has ambitious sustainability targets. One important one is making it as easy and accessible as possible for their clients to switch from fossil fuel to sustainable alternatives. For this, UECC has been collaborating with GoodShipping since 2020. Together with GoodShipping, UECC’s clients can easily reduce their emissions from transportation using sustainable maritime biofuels in UECC’s vessels, and receive the necessary support and certification. Together we aim to significantly increase the amount of CO2 reduced from cargo owners, even beyond UECC`s customers, to together accelerate the energy transition of the shipping industry.


Squake is a ClimateTech venture backed by Lufthansa Innovation Hub and has created an API-based, TÜV-certified marketplace for innovative carbon emission reduction projects. Companies from the logistics and travel space can easily and flexibly plug in the API to automatically calculate and reduce carbon emissions of their booking, e.g. shipments, on the spot. GoodShipping and Squake partnered up to jointly drive the sustainability shift in the logistics industry. We thereby further increase the access to real emission reduction via sustainable biofuels and GoodShipping for customers from all over Europe in an easy transparent way. GoodShipping and Squake share the belief that new technologies play a vital role in the green industry shift and will work on further common solutions for carriers and shippers in the future.


As a word-leading supply chain operator, Geodis provides logistics and transport solutions to its global network. With sustainability at the forefront, Geodis is committed to decarbonising transport supply chains. This is why Geodis adds GoodShipping as its sustainable marine fuel solution to empower Geodis customers to easily reduce emissions via our carbon insetting service. Together, we’re empowering the transport industry to achieve a zero-carbon supply chain by replacing fossil fuels with sustainable biofuel. GoodShipping and Geodis are the perfect partners as we both share the same ambition to commit more transport companies to ship sustainably. 

How can you partner up?

Is your goal to create a better world in one way or another, or are you active in the transport sector? If you have a brilliant idea how we can support each other, we are delighted to hear about it. Please send us an email to

Partnership possibilities

There are many different ways to partner up with us and we are open to all of them. We are naming a couple of them, to hopefully inspire you.


  • Are you active in the transportation world, and looking to make a positive impact and move away from the fossil default? 
  • Are you a freight forwarder and want to offer decarbonisation via a fuel switch with GoodShipping to your customers? 
  • Perhaps you are a transportation provider looking for ways to use sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels in your vehicles, and provide this option to your clients with the right carbon and sustainability certifications in place? Then let us look into how a decarbonization service like ours could be of value to you. 
  • Or maybe you are specialised in technological developments, or even tracking and verification softwares like blockchain? The transportation industry can surely use a tech boost and we would be happy to join efforts in our research on how this can be done in the smartest way. 

Or maybe you just believe in what we do, and want to support us with your expertise or voice and name. We are aware that we cannot change the industry alone, so let’s get together! 

Be a sustainable frontrunner

Joining GoodShipping proves that you take climate change seriously. By doing what is necessary for our climate, your company will set a new norm for others: start shipping right, start shipping sustainably.

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