As part of the GoodNRG Group, GoodShipping has grown significantly these last years. Read about our trusted team below.

Our team

Our team expanded to 17 people, three of which commit 100% of their time to GoodShipping. A lot of time was invested in GoodShipping by other GoodNRG team members, with a special mention to Isabel (founder GoodShipping in 2017), Bart (COO) and Dirk (our CEO).

Our GoodShipping team is a nice mix people and personalities. However, we are all unified with one united goal. We all want to contribute to making an impact. From our green leafed office at the top floor of a former faculty building from the University of Amsterdam, our trusted team makes sure you are well served.



Dirk Kronemeijer

CEO GoodNRG Group

Isabel Welten

Chief Commercial Officer GoodNRG Group

Bart Hellings

COO GoodNRG Group

Katarin Van Orshaegen

Commercial lead GoodShipping

Janne Erxleben

Business development manager GoodShipping

Judy Pattiasina

Commercial manager GoodShipping

GoodNRG Group


Johanness Schurmann

Innovation manager GoodNRG Group

Anniek Sluis

People and culture manager GoodNRG Group

Rikkert de Graaf

Commercial lead Road & Rail GoodNRG Group

Douwe van de Kroft

Research Intern GoodNRG Group

Rianne de Vries

Business & Governement Lead GoodNRG Group


GoodNRG dog

Rashree Tewari

Controller GoodNRG Group

Ties Schipper

Operations Manager GoodNRG Group

Be a leader too

Joining GoodShipping proofs you take climate change seriously. By doing what is necessary for our climate, your company will set a new norm for others: start shipping right, start shipping sustainably.

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