Sustainable air freight

GoodShipping partners with the leading bio jet suppliers and airlines in the world to decarbonise your air cargo.

Bio fuel for planes

Like all the sustainable fuels we use, our bio jet fuel is also made from the most sustainable feedstock possible, meeting all criteria as set by our sustainability board.

The overall global volumes for sustainable jetfuel are still small and it is permanent use is still only limited to a few advanced regions in the world ( West Coast US, Western & Northern Europe). This is worrying as aviation really depends heavily on the uptake on this new technology to decarbonize.

Hence next to decarbonising your own freight streams, you really help in making global impact.

Be a sustainable frontrunner

Joining GoodShipping proves that you take climate change seriously. By doing what is necessary for our climate, your company will set a new norm for others: start shipping right, start shipping sustainably.

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