Sustainable ocean freight

The marine industry burns the dirtiest fuels in the world. Today, sea shipping is a fast-growing source of greenhouse gases, projected to account for 17% of global CO2 -emissions by 2050.

Start shipping right

Shipping freight via seas and oceans is one of the most climate efficient ways to move your cargo. However, as a whole this industry is extremely polluting. Therefore, the International Maritime Organisation has set out strategies and targets to make improvements. At the same time, their most recent Greenhouse Gas study shows shipping emissions are projected to increase by up to 50% until 2050 compared to 2018.

In other words, change is happening but not fast enough.

One of the problems is what we call the invisibility of this industry. The world is sea blind, and so far the shipping industry is not part of climate agreements. Without any economic or legal incentive to change, it is hard to allocate climate responsibilities to certain countries or companies. This explains why 99% of the current global fleet still uses fossil fuels. Shipping fuels specifically being cheap, dirty and arguably the most polluting fuels ever invented by mankind.

We offer cargo owners an option to pull out of these fossil defaults, and choose sustainable alternatives. We work with shipping companies across the industry and supply many different vessels with sustainable biofuels on behalf of our clients. With our service, we strive to accelerate the energy transition in the shipping sector.

Be a sustainable frontrunner

Joining GoodShipping proves that you take climate change seriously. By doing what is necessary for our climate, your company will set a new norm for others: start shipping right, start shipping sustainably.

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