Board of Recommendation

What is the Board of Recommendation?

The GoodShipping Program ‘Board of Recommendation’ is a group of selected experts in the field of sustainability, shipping, and/or biofuels, who we believe to have the power and ability to influence the container shipping industry. The committee will have the responsibilities in:

  • 1


    Selecting the areas of focus for the GoodShipping R&D Program

  • 2


    Determining the topics for discussion with key influencial leaders at the national and international level

  • 3


    Being an Ambassador and Spokesman for the GoodShipping Program

  • 4

    Good Trade Lanes

    Determine future ‘Good Trade Lanes’ by taking into account local biofuel prices, events, lobby goals, partners, cargo carrier demands and ports.

Board of recommendation

Gerard J. Ostheimer, Ph.D.

Global Lead for the Sustainable Bioenergy Accelerator of Sustainable Energy For All (SEforALL) and Senior Advisor for Below 50


Gerard Ostheimer: “Below50 works to decarbonize the transportation sector by creating markets for the world’s most sustainable fuels. Below50 fuels decrease CO2 emissions by more than 50% relative to conventional fuels and are produced sustainably. Below50 is a collaboration between Sustainable Energy for All and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) that seeks to strengthen the entire below50 fuel value-chain and recruit corporate fuel buyers. The GoodShipping Program fits very well in our strategy to link corporates with ready-made solutions to reduce their emissions and for that reason, WBCSD supports the GoodShipping Program and we are excited to work together.”


Dr. Ostheimer is the Global Lead for Sustainable Bioenergy for the UN and World Bank initiative Sustainable Energy For All (SEforAll). He promotes the development of well-functioning public-private partnerships that work towards achieving SEforALL’s goals of increasing energy access and increasing the use of renewable energy.


In collaboration with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development Dr. Ostheimer co-founded below50, which works to deploy the world’s most sustainable Low Carbon Fuels. He now serves as a Senior Advisor for the below50 campaign.


Previously, Dr. Ostheimer served as a Science Advisor for the Foreign Agriculture Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture where he worked at the interface between sustainability, biofuels, international development and international trade in agricultural products. Dr. Ostheimer represented the U.S. to the Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP). Dr. Ostheimer earned a Ph.D. in molecular biology at the University of Oregon and did postdoctoral work in the systems biology of cancer at MIT. While at MIT, Dr. Ostheimer co-founded the MIT Science Policy Initiative that educates young scientists about the role policy plays in promoting science and how science contributes to making good public policy.



Bjørn Kjærand Haugland

CEO at NORWAY203040 and former EVP & Chief Sustainability Officer at DNV GL


Bjørn Kjærand Haugland: “A recent study on low-carbon pathways for shipping carried out by DNV GL shows that if we are to significantly reduce emissions from shipping as an industry without using nuclear fuel, the only real option we have today is sustainable biofuels, probably mainly in the form of biofuels, as this is what today’s prime movers utilize. The GoodShipping Program is a great initiative that enables companies to commercialize the use of biofuels, as it generates great marketing and exposure in return.


Bjørn is the CEO of Norge203040; a business-led climate initiative. Their mission is to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy and support the government in delivering on its national climate commitments by 2030. The coalition hopes to demonstrate, to businesses and the government, the business potential that exists in the low-carbon economy and help drive the transition. Before taking on this role in January 2019, Bjørn served as EVP and Chief Sustainability Officer at DNV GL, overseeing the groups sustainability performance and driving company-wide sustainability initiatives. Bjørn has extensive experience assisting multinational companies in areas such as sustainability, climate change and corporate sustainability. He was the founder the Global Opportunity Report, a joint initiative together with UN Global Compact and SUSTAINIA.


Bjørn is a board member of the University of Bergen, WWF and the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO).